Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How was Winnie the Potter and the Deathly Honeycombs?


Hello party people!  How was your weekend?  My weekend was awesome.  

As I mentioned (and will eventually explain in more detail) my wife and I recently moved.  The news of where and when we needed to move was like scoring a basket just before the buzzer sounds for the end of the match.  We were starting to get so desperate for money that we had been discussing selling a few things.  You know, movies, books, my car, blood, our souls.  Really anything that could turn a profit. 

As it happened, that became unnecessary, thankfully.  But, because our new place’s rent is twice what our old rent was (and ditto for the electric bill), we haven’t exactly been out on the town or anything.  We overestimated how much money we had vs. how much moving expenses and stuff would cost and so we’ve been trying to find things to do around the house.  I learned that I can fit at least six large marshmallows in my mouth without worrying about gagging.  I rewatched Scrubs three or four times in a row.  I built a fort out of bedsheets and declared myself King of Bedopolis. 

I think that may have been the thing that pushed my wife over the edge.  She finally put her foot down and insisted—like she’s the boss of me or something*—that we go see a movie. 

That’s actually not true.  The truth is much worse.  The truth is, as I mentioned in my retrospective, Harry Potter has been an incredibly formative and important thing in my life.  Well, the same goes for her, if not more so, since she’s younger than me.  When the trailers would come on, with all of their dramatic music and Voldemort screaming “Haaaaarry!!” she would actually break down into tears because we didn’t have the money to go see it.  The sorrow was compounded when IMMEDIATELY after a Harry Potter trailer, we would hear the sweet, sad song of the Winnie the Pooh trailer—which my wife was raised on as a wee lass.  Two incredibly important childhood things occurring on the same weekend?  Well you know exactly what I did.  

I told her no.

I’m kidding, of course.  I immediately set out scouring through my extensive movie collection trying to find things I was willing to get sell off.  It worked.  There were a few gems I was a little bit embarrassed to own, and there were several television shows that I had bought, watched once, and really had no desire to watch again.  All of those went into a sack and to the local videogame/movie/nirvana-for-nerds store where they found their new home.

But this post is supposed to be about Harry Potter and Winnie the Pooh.  What did you think of them? I can hear you shouting from your cheap balcony seats like a pair of crotchety old Muppets.  Well, if you’ll pipe down and give me a second, I’ll tell you.

Harry Potter and the HOLY CRAP IS THIS THE LAST ONE???

As you might imagine, I absolutely loved this movie.  I realize that the previous one was more of really long set up for this one, but come on.  No one would be willing to sit through a four to five hour long movie, so you can forgive it for not feeling like a complete cinematic adventure.  I assure you that the feeling will be corrected in this one.

I’ve heard some complaints from a few people…you could call them friends--

You could if you didn’t understand that anyone who finds any fault in Harry Potter is a horrifying monster that needs to be locked in a jail cell and never allowed the see the outside world again because surely they’re devoid of any semblance of a heart or soul and in their place is a gigantic, gaping black pit.  Or not.  You know.  You may be a perfectly nice person.**

--anyway, a few of these “friends” have found problems with the movie.  This didn’t happen exactly that way.  That didn’t happen exactly this way.  This sequence of events happened out of order.  I used to be that way, too—way back in ’99 when the first one came out.  Since then I’ve come to realize that movies are a completely different art form from the written word.  

Sometimes, the pacing of a movie requires that a few scenes be rearranged.  Maybe a few scenes need to get cut because they would either drag the pacing down and/or they don’t match the tone of the rest of the movie.  That’s okay.  Maybe the way something is described in the book is too impractical or would look phony, or would be too difficult to do.  That’s fine.  As long as the spirit of the book that’s being adapted is there, I’m perfectly happy with the movie.  And trust me, the spirit of the book is there.

I only had two veeeeery minor complaints, which I won’t list here because they might be considered spoiler-ific to those that have not seen the movie and/or read the books, but trust me, they’re so minor you might not even notice.  In fact, I’m fairly certain you won’t.  But anyway, the  movie is great.  I’m not really a crier, but there a few moments where I felt my eyes getting a little wet.  Of course, being the paragon of manliness that I am, it was probably because I drank so much soda that the melted ice was simply leaking out of my eyes.  Yeah, that’s it.  That’s the ticket.

Winnie the Pooh and the Deathly Hallows

So, the next day, I went to go see Winnie the Pooh with the wife.  It was awesome.  I saw a few complaints online like: 

“OMG, why did they draw complete EYES on Christopher Robin???  WTF, guys!!!????1111!!!???”  

"Why does Christopher Robin sound like a real little kid is playing him!!??!!??  Blech!!!!11!!1!!!1!!!"  

Blah blah blah.  

A few other people complained because Eeyore, Owl, and Rabbit were played by different voice actors.  Eeyore sounded great.  Owl was the incredibly talented Craig Fergusen, who did an amazing job in this movie, as well.  And Rabbit?  Dude, he was played by TOM FRICKIN’ KENNY!!  The voice of Spongebob.  Now, before you groan and roll your eyes and imagine Spongebob’s voice, remember that Tom Kenny is a voice actor.  A professional.  He didn’t play Rabbit like Spongebob at all.  There were times where he sounded so much like the original voice actor that I actually laughed out loud.

And Winnie and Tigger?  Played by the same dude that always plays them.***

As for the story, it’s much simpler than many of the Winnie the Pooh movies that I saw as a kid.  But it’s also brilliant in its simplicity.  The storylines are woven together very well, and there were a few moments that were just plainly brilliant comedy.  No cheap jokes, nothing stupid, just a clever, well written, if simple, movie.

If you will forgive me this one bad pun…this Pooh doesn’t stink.

OOOH!  I’m almost ashamed for writing that.  Almost.  But not quite.

So, yeah.  That was the weekend here at Obscure House.  And now back to my kingdom.  I here there’s a revolt brewing among the pillow peasants.  I must CRUSH them with scorching, white-hot justice.  Viva la revolucion?  Ha!  Not on my watch!

Did you see either of these movies?  Did you like 'em?  Any complaints?  Share in the comments!

*She is absolutely the boss of me.  Honey, if you're reading things, you are ABSOLUTELY the boss of me.  Heh, heh.  >.>;

**Ha ha, sure.

***Not sure if you got this, but I am a voice acting NERD.


  1. Great post! And I understand. :)

    I didn't reread the books before the movies come out because it makes it easier to compare them. I'd rather go into the movie with a somewhat "clean" slate and just accept it as it is. :)

    Because I did that, I was perfectly happy with how the movie turned out. It wasn't until afterward, and I started hearing others point out this issue or that issue, that I felt a twinge of "Oh, yeah, it would have been nice if they'd done that." But I try not to let it bother me.

  2. Hey! Thanks for the comment!

    I view watching a movie as an almost religious experience. I love to let myself get wrapped up in the atmosphere, the dialogue, and the story. I agree with you, if I reread it before I see it, it'd be too distracting to me. I'd be comparing them too much and it would ruin my first impression of the movie. That's the same reason I hate spoilers.

  3. I have not seen either movie, and, at the risk of you thinking me a bad, bad person, I've never been a big Harry Potter fan. But I'm looking forward to catching the Winnie the Pooh movie. I always loved him! Unfortunately, I'm more broke than you can imagine, so my pillow kingdom is my only consolation. No movie night for me. :(

    But thanks so much for sharing so much about them. It's almost as good as being there.

    Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. No problem. I love finding other writers who understand my insanity. :)

    Do you ever find that you enjoy a movie more the second time you see it (especially when it's based on a book)? For me, my brain is sort of comparing the two when I see a movie the first time (whether I want it to or not). So I'll often enjoy a movie more the second time, when I can just see it for what it is instead of what it isn't.

  5. @Kyla--Thanks for stopping by! I can, in fact, imagine how poor you are. I never thought the sight of $0.50 bread could be so glorious.

    @Jami--I do catch myself comparing on first viewing, but it usually doesn't lower my enjoyment. There have been a few, though. I noticed my second viewing of Order of the Phoenix, I was much more forgiving toward it. It's still my least favorite movie of the series, but it wasn't the horrifying crap-fest I originally claimed it to be.


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