Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Still Under Construction, But Let Me Share with You

And Now a Word From Your FEARLESS Leader

So, I'm considering re-opening my blog.  It's going to undergo some changes, namely I can't keep up the types of posts I was doing with the frequency I was doing them.  So I'm thinking that I should do those on the weekends as sort of "special editions."  Kinda like how newspapers* used to have longer Sunday comics.

I'm not sure, with my new job, how often I'll be able to post, and what the stuff will be like.  I like being funny, so hopefully I will continue to maintain the humor of my previous posts.  And believe me, I have some doozies (doosies? dusies? dustbins?) planned.  However, my new job (of which I will go into a little more detail about later) will be very time consuming--especially since it's only my first year.

So what will I be doing when I'm not doing my special editions?  Well, I have some things planned.  They're still in beta-testing, though.  We here at OaaC only want to provide you with the highest quality products.  I think the release of OaaC 2.0 will be the greatest thing we've released since the last thing we released.

And finally, a special note to the moose and squirrel.  We will find you.  And when we do, maybe we make moose and squirrel stew?

*Newspapers are like websites, only on paper**.

**Paper is like a webpage, only made up of mashed up trees.