Saturday, July 30, 2011

What Do You Think of Comic-Con this Year?

Today, in honor of my last official Saturday post for a while, and in place of the post that will be going up Monday, I thought I’d go through some of the news from Comic-Con and give my reaction and then get reactions from the rest of you.

Snow White and the Huntsman
I have absolutely no desire to see this movie.  I don’t like Kristen Stewart.  Watching her act is akin to having railroad spikes shoved into the base of my skull an inch at a time.  It’s not that I begrudge any people that do like her, I just can’t stand to hear her talk.  Her awkwardness isn’t charming to me, it’s annoying.  Every…line has to be…delivered like she’s…Will…….iam………….Shatner.

It’s not like I haven’t given her a chance.  I didn’t like the Twilight movies, but that doesn't mean she is a terrible actress, right?  Those movies are just…lukewarm at best.  So I tried to watch The Runaways, that movie about Joan Jett with K Stew and Dakota Fanning.  And I couldn’t stand it!!!  Twenty minutes in I switched it off with a growl.  My wife had already given up and was reading The Hunger Games instead.

Beyond my bias for the actress, there was also the series of underwhelming pictures.  They look like they’re trying to turn Snow White into Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, only without Johnny Depp or any of the other amazing actors in it.  *sigh*  What happened to creative vision?


Man of Steel

I don’t think there was a panel on it, but Henry Cavill mentioned it during his Immortals panel and since it’s being produced by Christopher Nolan…I might need a paper bag to keep myself from hyperventilating from excitement.  DC needs another contender out there.  Batman can’t do everything.  (Side note:  Anyone seen the Dark Knight Rises trailer?  Are you excited, too?)

Ghost Rider 2:  Did Anyone Ask for This?

Apparently they’re making a sequel to Ghost Rider.  Remember Ghost Rider?  No?  I didn't think so.

Fright Night
I have not yet seen the original Fright Night, but I’ve been meaning to get around to it.  I'm stoked for the remake.  Colin Farrell is in it, and he’s a pretty good actor.  But more importantly, THE FREAKIN’ DOCTOR HIMSELF, DAVID TENNANT will be in it.  If you’re not familiar with Doctor Who…shame on you!  Go watch it now!  It's available on Instant on Netflix.  DO IT NOW!!!  Anyway, if you aren’tthen you may be more familiar with him as “Barty Crouch, Jr.” in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  He’s a great actor and I’m really excited to see it.  The trailer looks great, and the poster feature David Tennant is the bomb-diggity.

Quick note, however:  one reason to see the original?  Chris Sarandon.  As I’ve mentioned before, I am a voice acting nerd.  I love to listen for familiar voices.  You may be familiar with a cult classic known as A Nightmare before Christmas.  Well, Chris Sarandon played Jack Skellington (speaking voice, not singing—that honor went to Danny Elfman, composer extraordinaire).  So, seeing Sarandon be all awesome and tough in person?  I’m there.

Total Recall

Total Recall was a kinda cool, interesting, cheesy in a way that only Arnold Schwartzenegger can be, sci-fi movie.  The fact that they’re remaking it forces me to suppress my “Ugh, another remake?” reflex.  However, William H. Macy, a really cool actor whom I really enjoy, plays the villain.  So I might catch it sooner rather than later.  Also Colin Farrell is in that one, too, presumably as the hero.
Spider-man Whatever Number This One Is

People are panning the crap out of this movie because they’re rebooting Spider-man when it’s not that old of a franchise.  It's only been 9 years since the first, and only 4 years since the third.  Despite all of that, I’m intrigued by it.  I like Andrew Garfield, and he seems like he’ll do a really good job.

He actually snuck into Comic-Con dressed in a shoddy Spider-man costume, rushed the stage, and professed his love for the hero.  When they tried to escort him off, he removed his mask to much applause.  He seems geeky and enthusiastic, and there’s not much more you can ask from someone playing Peter Parker.

Also, they’re sticking to the comics’ with this one regarding web shooters.  For those of you not in the know Spider-man doesn't shoot web from his wrists in the comics.  It comes from a cartridge attached to his wrists.  His spider-powers give him the knowledge of how to make spiderweb.  I gotta admit, preferred Raimi’s organic wrist spider web slinging, but I guess the hardcore comic fans freaked over the change.

One final note on Spider-man…Emma Stone.  She’s awesome.

Jurassic Park 4???

I’m honestly not sure what the point to that is.  The first was cool, the second okay, the third sucked…why do this again?  Why hurt another franchise, Steven?  You already critically wounded Indiana Jones.  What’s next, an E.T. sequel?  Let the cool movies rest and make something new.  Tintin seems promising.  Stick with stuff like that.

Pacific Rim

Guillermo Del Toro says it's giant monsters vs. giant robots?  Be still my 10-year-old heart.  I’m there!

Paradise Lost

Being an English major, I think I'm contractually obligated to see this movie.  Bradley Cooper as the Devil?  Okay, why not.  I love me some classic literature.  I’ll either love it or have a blast panning it for destroying the original work, so either way, I win.

Prometheus, Twixt, and other News

Prometheus is a prequel to Alien.  Ridley Scott is directing this one, just like the original.  Add into the mix that it’s been a long time since a good old fashioned sci-fi movie with legit aliens and space marines has been made.  I hope it’s good.
Twixt—Francis Ford Coppola, the man who directed Bram Stoker’s Dracula, The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, etc, is directing a new movie.  And this one has Val Kilmer, who was the coolest Doc Holiday ever (link NSFW).  You bet I’m going to see it.  Booyah!

In literary news, YA author Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies has been optioned for a movie.  Yes!

And finally, from Joss Whedon when asked about a Dr. Horrible sequel coming soon:  “See, thing you have to understand is…yes.”  The words you’re looking for are “BEST. NEWS EVER.”

(For those unfamiliar with Dr. Horrible, I strongly urge you watch this clip.  It may change your life.  Mild language.)

And that’s all for now.  What are your opinions about these things?  Anything you’re looking forward to more than others?  Why?  Remember, these are just my opinions.  Share your own in the comments.  Other movie excitement?  I wanna hear from YOU!  Yes, you!  Don’t stare.  Comment!


  1. As I already knew about Fright Night and The Amazing Spiderman, the only thing coming out of Comic-Con that I am either excited or happy about are Dr. Horrible 2 (Moist's Revenge? Hopefully!) and the news about Uglies. There are I think two if not three new Snow White movies coming out, and Kristen Stewart guarantees that SWHuntsman will be truly awful. And Jurassic Park 4? Really? Terrible. I may go boycott. Maybe Ridley Scott can turn out a good movie, but honestly it's too soon to tell.

  2. my opinion.... mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    but i'm not much of a movie buff.

    spiderman will probably smoke last decade's spiderman. so there's that to look forward to.
    seriously, tho: ghost rider 2? wtf. oh, and kristen stewart should die in a blazing pyre of napalm covered pterodactyls, rocketed into space, and exploded into a bajillion tiny kristen stewart particles. just saying.

    and the dark knight trailer is entirely too vague, imo. gordon dies. we know that much. /shrug


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