Monday, June 25, 2012

Joe Hill: Purveyor of T-Shirt Worthy Quotes

Last night on Twitter, Joe Hill, awesomely talented writer of novels and comic books, posted a series of tweets in which he was appalled by the idea of zombie sex.

Of course, this was an incredibly entertaining set of things to see pop up in your Twitter feed.  The last item in particular struck me as a particularly t-shirt worthy quote.  For my own amusement, and since I had a few zombie pictures from a previous post lying around, I went into Gimp and messed around with a quick-and-dirty mock-up of what this t-shirt might look like.

Please note this t-shirt isn't actually on sale.  I only did this for my own amusement.

And, of course, you should totally be following @joe_hill on Twitter at this point, which I've linked to above, and will do so again here.  And of course, you can check out his three books here, here, and here.  I highly recommend Horns.  It was a fantastic read.*

*One thing that strikes me as amusing is how I'm giving you all a recommendation of Joe Hill like some sort of influential blogger or something.  Tee hee.  He's Joe frickin' Hill; he doesn't really need my pimpage.  All the same, credit where credit is entirely due and all that.