Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nerds, Assemble!

This could be our finest hour, my fellow nerds.  For so long we have put up with sub-par Hollywood movies masquerading as "nerd friendly," while also sullying our childhoods.  If you were hurt, offended, and annoyed by Michael Bay's Transformers and the god-awful Dragonball: Evolution, this is for you.

I am a gamer.  I play Dungeons and Dragon's unashamedly.  I am a big supporter of the show Tabletop, starring the indomitable Wil Wheaton.  But the thing that really got me into games was a little movie called The Gamers: Dorkness Rising.  I got it in on Netflix back when I was in college and fell in love.  It was a micro-budget, very cheesy, and very heartfelt love letter to gaming.  It was about a group of friends that get together weekly and play D&D, and the journeys that not only their characters go through, but the players as well.  It's fun, funny, and sweet.

They're making a sequel.

I'm calling upon my legions of fans and supporters--all 12 of you!--to say:  Make this happen!