Friday, July 13, 2012

Twitter! Embarrass Yourself in Front of Celebrities!

So, as you may or may not know, I have a Twitter account--although if you didn’t know, it takes only an eye flick to the right to confirm that.  I post random things that are on my mind.  Some are kind of funny, some are kind of boring, and some are retweets from people whom are much smarter and more clever than I am.

For those of you not on Twitter, they have these things that show up in your Twitter-feed called “promoted tweets.”  These are not actually tweets, really--they’re advertisements that have paid to show up in your feed.  But, since part of twitter is retweeting what others tweet, you may not recognize it for what it is at first.

I was bebopping along, minding my own business, when a couple of tweets in my feed caught my eye.  It just so happened both of them were from Amazon.  At first, I thought they were just promoted, but promoted tweets say they are at the bottom.  These said they were retweeted by a couple of cool cats I follow--Chuck Wendig and Wil Wheaton.

You could say I was confused.  

For example, Mr. Wendig’s online persona is that of a bristly uncle--offering genuinely helpful advice wrapped in a rough, sweary package.  Like a good Samaritan grizzly bear.  However, being familiar with the show, Gilmore Girls did not seem like his type of show.  I realize I was ascribing cliched and typical gender roles to him and the show, and I know better than that, but all the same, it seemed like he would be into something with a little more grit.  Once again, painting with a simplistic brush, I know.
Meanwhile, Wil Wheaton is a very funny guy, so I thought maybe he was making a joke that I just wasn’t getting--maybe something to do with smoking pot and listening to Dark of the Moon while watching Wizard of Oz?  But the more I thought about it, the more odd it seemed.

I’d seen accounts get hacked and tweet odd things before--hell, Neil Gaiman’s has been hacked like that, and with Cisco locking you out of your internet unless you consent toyour internet use being spied on and possibly controlled, I don’t think Twitter would have allowed big companies to buy the ability to retweet using your account, do you?

Soon, I had the whole conspiracy in my head.

 [I’m like A Beautiful Mind...only considerably worse at math]

I decided, I’d turn it into a joke.  I tweeted “@wilw and @ChuckWendig just retweeted promotions from Amazon, which I don't think they’d do.  Amazon, be you spammin’ and scammin’?”

What was going through my mind at the time was, If their accounts did get compromised or something, I’m sure they’ll be glad to know.  And if it was legit, they’ll probably just ignore my tweets--if they even notice them.  They are pretty famous, afterall.

I took screen caps of the suspect tweets, just to be safe.

Apparently, I fancy myself a regular Sergeant Friday of Twitter or something.
I was going to go about my day as normal when I saw Mr. Wendig’s response.

 And then the worry-rats began to feast upon my brain.

See, on the one hand, I wanted them to know if something was up.  On the other hand...I had the sneaking suspicion that I had just made an ass of myself.

So, I tweeted to him a screen cap of the tweet in question and said something along the lines of, “If this is legit, I’m really sorry.  I just don’t normally see these unless they’re promoted.”

I couldn’t @ reply Wil Wheaton in that one, but I made sure to tag both of them in the follow up, where I linked to the screen cap of his tweet and said, “Here’s the other one, too.”

And then I saw this:


I quickly sent a follow-up tweet (pictured above) apologising again.  Then, to permanently erase my mistakes from the internet, and in the hopes to keep the same thing from happening again if/when Wil Wheaton saw the tweets, I quickly went through and deleted the offending tweets, kicking myself all the while.

I backed away from the computer as the reality of what I’d done hit me.

So, after deleting all evidence of my dumbassery,I of course felt the need to share my misadventures with the world.  If you can't laugh about things like this, what can you do?  I'm sure they pretty much immediately forgot about it, but it's always nice to know that I can be such a sparkling example of cool and collected in front of people I look up to.

And, if Chuck Wendig or Wil Wheaton happen to be reading this (not likely, but AS YOU CAN SEE, I have a knack for these sorts of things), I would like to just apologise again.  I offer you this picture of the two of you battling internet trolls to make up for that.


  1. Wandered over from twitter after Wendig's tweet.

    Even if they were upset, no way your image of their heroism won't mollify them!

    1. I think things are cool. Wendig tweeted me and said "no worries." And Wil Wheaton favorited my tweet. But still, I always thought I had more competence with social interactions. Plus I'm sure the picture didn't hurt.

      Thanks for the visit!

  2. A) I'm impressed that Wendig saw your tweet and took the time to respond. B) Clearly he's human too and wasn't offended. C) HE CALLED YOU "DUDE"! Now you're BFF's.

    Hahahaha! I only laugh because this is the type of thing we all dread doing, but we all do (Ironically, I posted about being an idiot in front of famous folk today on my blog). It's so hard not to look stalkerish/overanxious on Twitter.

    Love your artwork!

    1. A) Inorite? B) Yeah, but still...blarg. C) OMG WE SHOULD GET T-SHIRTS MADE!

      How crazy that we did the same topic? I am glad it's not just me, though.

      And thanks for the compliment. I try.

  3. I saw your original "spammin' and scammin'" tweet, but I wasn't savvy enough to know what it was about. I am now, though! This post was hilarious! I have yet to make an idiot of myself in front of a celebrity, except maybe my one and only encounter with Donny Osmond . . .

    1. I'm curious about this Donny Osmond story. Do you have something you want to share with the class?


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