Friday, August 10, 2012

In Lieu of a Proper Post

I will have a schedule change coming up soon to make time for some personal obligations that have sprung up.  Rather than leaving you high and dry for the next few days, I thought I would instead bring you three awesome things that I have found.


I've recently fallen in love with a show in YouTube called Tabletop that recommends awesome games.  Seriously, I've learned about a lot of really fun tabletop games over the course of the show's 10 episode run so far.  I highly recommend you watch it.  I've linked to one of my favorite episodes.  Half of the fun are the guest players that they invite on every week.


Have you checked out this awesome kickstarter?  If you're not familiar with the Vlogbrothers' evil baby orphanage idea, here is where you can catch up on it.  BUT now an idea has finally come to fruitition--a frickin' tabletop card game!  I am SO in!


I have stumbled upon a very awesome blog in the style of Books of Adam and Hyperbole and a Half.  It's called Cheeseborger and French Fries by Cheri Borgstrom.  It's very funny.  She's posted 6 posts so far, each one awesome.  So...go check that out, too.


  1. Wow, thank you for the mention! I really appreciate it!


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