Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

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I'm out with the family today, so enjoy this cleverly done Thanksgiving dinner I found on teh internetz.  See you all later.  Happy Thanksgiving, everybody--unless of course you don't celebrate that sort of thing.  In that very merry unbirthday to you?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

10 Things For Which I'm Thankful

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Before the Thanksgiving Holiday gets in full swing here at the Family Compound, I thought I would post some appropriately holiday themed sentiments about things that have very fortunately worked out in my favor.  The fact that I am living the life that I live is an accident of astronomical proportions, as is true for all of us.  I could just as easily be living in a war-torn country or unable to express affection toward my spouse.

With that, 10 things I'm thankful for:

1.  I'm thankful that I was born in a time period in which I do not treat my wife like a piece of cattle.  I really enjoy the back and forth my wife and I have about...well almost every issue really.  We're always arguing--even when we agree about things.  She's witty and intelligent and unafraid to speak her mind, and I love her for it.  In another time or another place, she or I or both would be completely different, and I like the way we are just fine.

2.  I'm thankful that I was born with a sexual orientation that is viewed as agreeable by society as a whole.  I'm thankful that I am able to tell my wife that I love her without any fear of judgement or scorn from neighbors or friends for who I am.  I'm thankful that I was able to marry my wife and receive the privileges and benefits that comes with that, and that my government recognizes our marriage as valid and binding.

3.  I'm thankful that I was born with an amount of melanin that is viewed as appropriate and advantageous in society, and that I have not had to deal with adversities or obstacles in my path simply based on those factors.  I am thankful that people will not disregard my accomplishments as special treatment awarded to me by the government based solely on my skin pigmentation.

Photo by:  José Goulão
4.  I'm thankful that I live in a country in which we have a high standard of living and that the medical care we have access to is held to a high standard in relation to many places in the world.  I'm thankful that our medical professionals have access to an abundant array of medicines and supplies to keep me healthy and alive for as long as possible.

5.  Related, I'm thankful that I live in a country in which the government provides access to that excellent healthcare in certain cases that have benefited both myself and people that I love at different points in our lives.  I am thankful that that same country has taken steps to ensure that more people will have access to that healthcare, and that--should something happen--I can count on the government to offer the same aid again that they have to my loved ones and me in the past.

6.  I'm thankful that I have not had to face adversity, difficulty, or scorn based on my career decisions in relation to whether or not I will have a family later, that I am awarded respect in most circles for being born with acceptable genitalia, and that I don't have to deal with people not taking me seriously if I get emotional and/or angry about a particular issue.

7.  I'm thankful for the genetic accident that resulted in the mental abilities of which I am equipped, and I'm thankful that those abilities resulted in being able to attend quality higher education at virtually no cost to myself.  

8.  I'm further thankful that that quality higher education resulted in opportunities that I otherwise would have missed, both personal and professional, and resulted in my getting a well-paying, stable job while many are struggling to attain employment of any kind.

Photo by:  CTSI-Global
9.  I'm thankful for the bizarre anomaly that is the human brain.  Rather than being equipped with brute strength or quick reflexes, humans developed a tool far greater, which resulted in many other useful tools.  The same brain that looked at the dangly bits of a cow and thought, "I'm gonna drink the white stuff that comes out of that," also looked at the white dots in the night sky and said, "I want to go there."

10.  Finally, I'm thankful that I was born to a supportive and loving family that has more than willing to drop everything and drive 2.5 hours to come bail me out of some jam or another that I got myself into.  I'm thankful that they do with and much more and ask for basically nothing in return.  I'm thankful for my friends--who I consider extensions of my family, anyway.  I'm thankful for the laughs they've brought me, and the help they've offered me at different--and sometimes the same--times.

May you and yours have a happy Thanksgiving if you live in the US.  If not, have a good day anyway.  Why the hell not, you deserve it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


To: Poser Wannabe Attention Whore GIRLS

From: A REAL Chef

cc:  The REAL Geeks

Re:  Wannabes and Posers I mean seriously wtf lol?

There was recently an explosion of people on Twitter and Facebook and the Internet at large up in arms because a few HEROES had the nerve to call attention-seekers on their game.  These wicked mama wolves in nerd-wool dress up like comic book characters and prance around, preying on unsuspecting geeks.  Some of these comic book outfits are possibly quite revealing, and some of these girls are possibly quite attractive, and if you're a hot girl dressing in a sexy outfit, I think it's pretty obvious that you don't know fuck-all about comic books and you should just stfu and gtfo.

There have been many geeks that have gotten understandably upset about this.  I mean, we all know pretty girls have no interest in doing anything except shopping, scoping out "cute boys"--which are, of course, always muscled up meat head jock douchebags--and talking about make-up and other girl stuff.  And if they detect the stench of a nerd nearby, they swarm in and devour the poor simpering little innocent before he's even aware he's in danger, like a pack of glitter make-up wearing sharks smelling blood in the water.

I want to pledge my steel to this cause as well.  I, too, have been a victim of the Pretty Girl Posers/Attention Whores.

As I'm sure you all know, because I mention it all the time on here, I love to cook.  It's honestly one of my favorite things to do.  However, I'm not sure if I've mentioned this problem I've been dealing with day in and day out for the past few years.  I appreciate a good quiche as much as the next Foodie Male.  Sometimes I even go in for some spicy enchiladas, but damn-the-rat-bastards-to-drown-in-a-nice-bearnaise-sauce I am so sick and tired of this whole FemCHEFs.  I know a few girls who like to cook and BIG SHOCKER, know the difference between Baking Powder and Baking Soda.  I want to make sure I don't offend them; you guys are cool.

With that said, I really want to take a stand and make a statement to these POSERS: Hey! Girl-Looking-At-The-Rachel-Ray-Cook-Book-That-Looks-Attractive-To-Me, you are NOT A REAL CHEF!  We all know you secretly laugh at us SERIOUS CHEFS.  We all know you're just here to wear your little aprons and bat your lashes at us from behind your Emeril cookbooks for attention. WE'RE NOT BUYING IT!  Besides, you're not even really pretty, I just want to have sex with you because food turns me on!

I want to make it clear that if you do not fit the body type that I find appropriate, you should not be wearing that apron! Also, if you ARE attractive to me and wearing that apron, YOU'RE JUST DOING IT FOR THE ATTENTION, FOOD-WHORE!  I mean, really.  You are what I have decided to call BAKING HOT.  Well not really, because you're not made of dough, but YOU'D PROBABLY LIKE THAT WOULDN'T YOU???

I just find it sick that there are so many of you POSERS out there spending all that money buying aprons and cook books and chefs hats and then coming to chef conventions JUST TO GET ATTENTION.  You know you only get attention because you saunter up to these poor, defenseless aspiring chefs, promising them Moon and Star shaped cookies, whispering of fluffy souffles and braised chickens.  The thought they'll be all sweaty from kneading bread and thinking of you makes you SO HAPPY doesn't it?  Guess what?  They only talk to you because you're a girl that shares their interests.  If they knew the truth--that you're a girl that doesn't actually like cooking and just came to a cooking convention because of all the attention, fame, and respect that people get for going to these, they'd be crushed.  No, you don't actually like cooking, shut up, I KNOW WHAT YOU THINK BETTER THAN YOU KEEP YOUR YAP SHUT AND LET THE MEN SPEAK!


I'm sure a lot of my fellow chefs are tired of seeing this mockery of our love of food chemistry become bastardized by people who haven't PAID THEIR DUES. Now's the time to stand up to a group of people that have had it far too easy for far too long: women.  You're not the reason people care about cooking--men are!  Yer not Cook Books.  You just want attention but nobody cares because everyone else cares about the food and the chefs and the cookbooks so I'm not sure why I brought this up except I'm mad stop bringing me down.


A REAL chef.

Friday, November 9, 2012

This Wins All the Internets

Greatest Condescending Wonka...EVER!

From Wil Wheaton's Tumblr

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post Election Thoughts

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*peeks out*

Is it over?

First, congratulations to President Barack Obama on his second term.

As I've mentioned before, I'm very happy about this.  Obama was the candidate I was backing, and I'm very relieved that most of America backed him as well.  I knew it would be close--as it almost always is--but I had hope that Obama would hold out, and hold out he did.

I have yet to actually watch it, but from what I heard, Mitt Romney gave a classy concession speech, which is honestly more than the current GOP deserved.  Romney was never the favorite.  He was more of a survivor, eking out a win in every primary until he was just...suddenly the nominee.  And while Romney seemed like a good candidate on the surface, he was entirely too unreliable when it came to any positions, and entirely too malleable when it came to the whims of the Tea Party.

If you ever wanted to see evidence of the problem with the Republican Party, you only need to go so far as Fox News' coverage over the past month or so.  Nate Silver received ridiculous amounts of shit for doing math.  He didn't say Obama would win.  He told the chances of Obama winning based on his polling numbers.  It's the blatant disregard of math and science that makes many people shake their head at the current incarnation of the GOP anyway, so I hope this was a wake up call to many of them to perhaps rethink their approach to things like...reality...although I'm sure they won't.  Fox News makes far too much money fearmongering.

Fox News has tried to blame today's Wall Street dip on Obama's victory, which is absolutely ridiculous.  Ignoring the fact that the stocks dip and rise every day--that's just how it is--blaming in on the results of the national election is silly.  Anyone arguing that Obama is the reason for our economic trouble has not been paying attention.  Much of our current economic woes can be traced back to the Republicans playing a dangerous game of chicken with the US's credit rating re the deficit.

Unfortunately, despite there being many excellent strides for equality: gay marriage being voted on in 4 states, legalized pot in 2, and women now making up 18 seats in the Senate (including an openly gay lesbian)--the Republicans remained in control of the House.  My disappointment was not attributed to party loyalty, but to the aforementioned policies of the current Republican Party.  Mitch McConnel's famous statement about making Obama a one term president is still the GOP's standard operating procedure from what Speaker Boehner said today.

Based on the results from last night, I think we might be seeing a shift in the social makeup of the country.  There were more non-white babies born last year than white babies.  The term "minority" will no longer apply to non-whites soon.  There was a massive gender gap between the Republicans and the Democrats, with the Democrats basically taking all of the demographics except the white male vote.  If the GOP wants to maintain their relevance, they need to adjust their policies.  Believe it or not, there are more than straight white dudes in the world, and they're beginning to make their voices heard.

Among other things, Obama maintaining his office means that Obamacare will be given a chance to get fully underway, which makes me very excited.  The healthier our population is, the more that money can be funneled back into the government.  Also, don't forget that Obamacare was originally a Republican in the 90's before Obama adopted it.  Also also: Obamacare is NOT socialized healthcare.  I wish it were, but it is not.

Obama is a moderate democrat, leading very much from the center.  He has proven himself willing to compromise on a lot of issues.  While I hope that the Republicans will change their stances, I won't hold my breath.  For this to work, we're going to need true bipartisan work, not Obama meeting the GOP in the middle while the GOP digs their heels into the dirt and shouts "Don't wanna!"  If they prove themselves unable to accomplish that, I hope the American people will reflect their frustrations in 2014.

This our chance America.  Let's make this country a place we can be proud of.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hey, Look What I Did!

Yep.  Voted.  I enjoy voting.  It makes me feel good.

Interesting thing that happened:
  • Waited in the line for about 45 minutes before I finally got to the building in which the ballots were being kept.
  • When I got there, I saw three lines, for different sections of the alphabet.  No one was standing in those lines.  Just in the A - G line.  So, I shouted out to the line that there were three lines and got them spread out.  I TAKE CONTROL, MOTHER FUCKERS!
  • Apparently, we were stationed in a tiny ass little building because the big church that usually lets us vote refused this year since alcohol and marijuana are on the ballots.
If you haven't voted yet.  Go do it.  I had thoughts on it.



You would hate to cast a ballot for someone other than the person you want to vote for.

Monday, November 5, 2012

You Should Vote

Photo by:  Jason Langheine of Flickr

As I write this, the clock is ticking down.  It's 10:22 and only about an hour and a half from it officially being Election Day in the United States.  This is my post encouraging you--regardless of party affiliation or preferred presidential candidate--to go vote if you are of age, and eligible to vote.  Of course, I would love for you to vote for my candidate (as previously mentioned), but I also just want you to get out there and vote.  Exercise your right.

On the one hand, the election will decide some pretty significant issues, and many of those issues are more important to other people than they are to me: examples being same-sex marriage, the right to abortions, etc.  It's not that I'm not for these issues--I am--but because I am a white, cis, heterosexually paired male, these issues do not affect me specifically, but they do affect people I know/love/care for.

On the other hand, I don't think that if Mitt Romney wins that the US will erupt into chaos.  Sure, Bush did some pretty egregious things to civil rights--as did Obama--but I don't see members of the GOP burning abortion clinics down and using the glowing embers to brand gay men and women with a symbol for easy detection.  Sure, things will suck, but I'm pretty sure country as a whole will survive, for a while at least.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider voting:

1) Elections do decide very important issues.

As I've mentioned above, this election has a few things at stake--abortions, same-sex marriage, healthcare, gay rights, the personhood of corporations, etc.  These are things that the Democratic party appears to be in favor of, at least passingly.  The Republican Party, however, has seen some significant changes in its ideology in the past few years.  It's different not only from the party Reagan knew, but from the party that even Bush II knew.  The Tea Party did a very significant thing.  It's the reason that the Republicans currently court that vote so strongly--the voters made their voices heard through significant voting action.  They voted in people they stood with.  Which leads me to my next point:

2) Your vote does count.

If you are going to say that your individual vote doesn't count, I'm going to slap a "no frickin' duh, genius" sticker on your forehead.  But as Hank Green as the Vlogbrothers points out:
"Voting, like almost everything that humans do, is a community activity.  The stuff you do often times doesn't have an effect unless you multiply it by all the people that do it with you." -- You. Must. Vote.
The reason that Fox never picked up Firefly for more seasons despite a significant amount of people decrying the network for the program's unjust cancellation?  Not enough people give a shit.  Despite the nerds of the world being able to meet up and say, "OMG, you like Firefly, too?" not enough people actually care.  It's the same reason that despite fantastic writing and great characters, the show Community has had a rocky go of it every step of the way.  It's a great show...that has a very niche audience.

Despite nerds of the world not being a you notice how many movies keep getting made that are clearly for nerds?  Wreck 'em Ralph is a great example--loaded with videogame references for nerds and children of the 80's.  Is that everyone?  No.  But it's a significant enough demographic that they still want to cater to that base, even if they don't do it all the time.

The same goes for elections.  The reason this campaign has spent billions of dollars in campaign advertising?  The reason that the media has been talking about this shit for almost two solid years?  The reason that they've been campaigning so hard for so long?  Because your vote does matter.  It's why the reports of voter disenfranchisement are so worrisome--the more people you can convince to say "fuck it" and not show up, the less you have to worry about that viewpoint being represented when you make decisions.

3)  It is your right as an American.

The thing about our country, the thing that many, many Americans are proud of, is our freedoms and our rights.  We, as a country, actually have a say in what happens with our government.  You can say that both candidates are terrible and there's no point, but that perplexes me.  If you don't feel that either of the Main Candidates are good, why not vote for a 3rd party candidate?  Why not try to drum up support for somebody else.  People constantly bitch about there only being 2 parties, but no one ever goes out to try to change that.

Change happens slowly, but if nothing is done...then nothing will change.  Voting is one way to do that.  Obama's campaign slogan was compelling for a reason, and it doesn't just apply to Democratic candidates and viewpoints: vote for the change you want to see.  If that doesn't work, vote for someone else the next time around.

4)  Voting does result in change.

Let me ask you, when was the last time that you saw an African American citizen use a different drinking fountain because they were black?  No?  Has it been a while?  That's because voting does bring about change.  Voting expresses, "Hey, this idea right here?  Yeah, I'm good with that."  Someone said "women should get to vote, too," and elected people that would bring that about...and then it did.  Someone said, "hey, black people are people, too," and elected people that would work toward equal rights...and things changed.  The number of people saying, "hey, gay people should be able to get married just like atheists and Christians and Buddhists," is growing, and people's voting has even influenced the President to change his stance on same-sex marriage.

Voting does make a difference.  Whether you agree with my politics or not, make your voice heard.  Don't let it be silenced.  Go to the polls.  Don't let apathy and cynicism dissuade you from exercising your civic right and duty.  Take control of your government before it controls you.

Relevant links:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Top 5 YouTube Videos From This Election

Election seasons always bring about the most creative political satire and funny from anywhere.  It doesn't matter which party you support, these videos are usually things that everyone can laugh at, whether it's painting President Clinton as a mindless horndog or painting President W. Bush as a know-nothing cowboy.  I thought I'd do a quick round up of my 5 favorite videos from this election cycle.  Some are shorter, some are longer, some are serious, and some are less serious.  Enjoy.  (Be warned that some of these videos are NSFW...just in case you were thinking about watching them on your work computer and/or around small, impressionable children, etc.)

5.  Policy and Politics from the Vlogbrother's John Green

John and Hank Green have been running their video blog for several years now and are still incredibly funny, entertaining, poignant, and informative.  For a punishment, they have to make a video a day for a week starting today.  John's video today is about the difference between political rhetoric and the policies that rhetoric endorses.  It's an incredibly good video at highlighting the hyperbolic nature of political rhetoric, as well as explaining the crux of what each presidential candidate has in mind for tax plans.

  4.  Whedon on Romney

Avengers director Joss Whedon explains why many people might consider supporting Mitt Romney.  This video has fun at Romney's expense, obviously, highlighting the potentially bad effects Romney's tax plan may have on our currently weak economy.  Joss Whedon is just very funny.  I heart him.

  3.  Barack Obama Sings "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen

If you've been reading my site long enough, you might recall my feelings about this particular song, but I couldn't help but bust out laughing at the very well done editing needed to create this masterpiece.  I only wish they'd autotuned it like they did with Bob Ross and Mister Rogers.  Then it would have been amazing.

2.  Mitt Romney Style

I love "Gangnam Style."  I want to be 100% up front with that.  Not ironically.  Not "ha ha, those crazy foreigners."  I loved it from the first moment I saw it.  I seemed to find it just about a week before it exploded into the mainstream.  But, unforunately, it has not only been played nearly to death, but it's spawned 1000 godawful parodies.  If you can stomach trying out one more, College Humor's "Mitt Romney" style does a legitimately good job at spoofing both the original song, the original video, as well as skewering both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  (They actually make him about 20 times more likable than the actual Mitt Romney, which is sort of ironic given the content of the video.)  

1.  Epic Rap Battles of History:  Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama

The Epic Rap Battles of History are fantastic.  They have steadily improved from their first video, and there really isn't a video that I can't recommend.  Not only are the videos good from a hip-hop persepctive, they're also very cleverly written to satire/honor both participants with some great burns from both sides.  They've done Doc Brown vs. Doctor Who, Cleopatra vs. Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley vs. Michael Jackson, and many more.

Their Romney/Obama video is no different.  They fantastically spoof both men, revealing the flaws that both men suffer from.  Also, this video features a certain bearded special guest.  It is truly a work of art.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Why I'm Voting for Barack Obama

Photo by:  jamesomalley of Flickr

This may be of no interest to some of you, in which case I respectfully tip my hat and thank you for coming, but I figured I would talk about the United States election for President coming up in a few days.

I will be voting for Barack Obama come Tuesday, and I think that you should, too.

1) Pros for Obama

Here's the thing about Obama's presidency: it had ridiculous expectations on it from the start.  That wasn't helped by his incredibly hopeful rhetoric and his embracing of his celebrity status when he was nominated, both of which fueled those unreasonable expectations.  All the same, Barack Obama has done a very good job as president.

On the social end of things, he's made violence against someone based on their sexual orientation a hate crime, he's expressed support of same-sex marriage, he signed the Lilly Ledbetter Act ensuring protection of equal wages for women, and ended Don't Ask Don't Tell.  These are all, in my opinion, fantastic things.

On the economic end of things, he passed Dodd-Frank and created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, he passed the Recovery Act--which created 2.5 million jobs, pulled the country out of an economic free fall that would most assuredly have led to another Great Depression, and helped get us back on the road to recovery--as well as passing some of the first and most comprehensive reforms to healthcare in our history.

Unfortunately, a lot of these things have been spun negatively.  "Obamacare" was the victim of a ton of ridiculous political garment rending about socialism and communism and fascisim, and whatever other -isms the Republicans could come up with to make Obama look like a big, ol', black Hitler.  But it isn't true.  There have been multiple breakdowns of the benefits that his policies have enacted.

While Obama's foreign policies are not 100% the way I would like them, he has done much better than the previous administration at ingratiating ourselves to foreign countries.  He didn't allow Israel to attack Iran, preventing war.  He ended the Iraq War and brought many of our troops home.  He's winding down the war in Afghanistan.  He killed Osama Bin Laden.  He's put tough sanctions on Iran to convince them to stop with their attempts at developing nuclear weapons.

He got all that and more accomplished with an incredibly uncooperative Congress.

Say what you want, and affiliate however you like, but the current GOP, as realized by the Tea Party, are only interested in making political statements and don't seem to have the country's interests at heart, based on their actions.  Obama has proven himself willing to compromise on a lot of issues and piss off a lot of liberals in the process just to try to meet the GOP halfway.  Obama is so good at this, that many of the policies he enacted used to be Republican ideals until Obama decided to adopt them, which caused the GOP to abandon them like they were shit-caked copies of Mein Kampf dripping with STDs.

All in all, I am quite pleased with his performance.  Has he been the harbinger of change that many thought he would be?  No.  And it was ridiculous to think such a thing.  I always understood that Obama was a rational, thinking person willing to compromise rather than stubbornly hold the line if it meant getting some changes through the government.  I also recognize that economic recovery and any meaningful reform takes a long time, and Obama was only given 2 years to fix everything before people went to the polls and voted the other party back in.  If I can make an imperfect analogy, it doesn't take you long to fuck up your credit doing stupid shit, but building that number back up can take a looooong time.  And that's similar to the situation we're in now.  And, as I mentioned, he accomplished much of this with a GOP Congress that held the country hostage and cost the nation our pristine credit grade.

I like Obama's rational, thinking, careful style of government.  He's not exactly cuddly and friendly, he can come across a little severe at times, but I'm fine with that.  He's smart, both intellectually and politically.  I agree with him pretty closely--I believe the online quiz I me at an 89% agreement with Obama.

2) Cons Against Romney

Mitt Romney is a liar.  He is fortunate to have so much money, because he must have to constantly replace his trouser wardrobe with the number of flaming fibs that he flings daily.

Here's the thing: I know that all politicians to an extent are liars.  But Romney takes that to new levels, and he's shockingly cavalier about it.  He is on record changing his policies within minutes or having his very campaign walk back what he claims immediately after he says it.

For example, he once supported Roe v. Wade and said that abortions should be safe and legal.  Now he's for overturning Roe v. Wade and supports a constitutional amendment to ban abortions.  He once said that climate change is caused by humans, but now claims not to know what causes it.

It's not like Obama hasn't changed his position on things--like gay marriage.  However, Romney regularly changes his positions on everything.  His own campaign has likened him to an Etch-a-Sketch.

His economics, what little he's mentioned anyway, are silly.  He's talked about, in order to help get our country's debt situation under control, slashing the funding to PBS...whose cost is a whopping $1.35 per person per year for a total of approximately $444 million a year.  For comparison, we spent $711 BILLION dollars on defense in 2011.  Basically, PBS's funding is a little over 6% of that.

This is about far more than PBS.  Romney has blatantly refused to give up his tax information, which is a far more reasonable request that the request for Obama's birth certificate that fueled so many fires in '08.  Romney's argument economically also seems to boil down to "elect me and I'll let you know my awesome plan," which, as a business man, you would think he would know better than to argue.  And there's been the cavalier ways he's completely shifted his positions on issues since running in the primaries.

The recent disaster on the Northeastern coast is a very indicative example of this.  The day of the disaster, Romney announced that he would drop his campaigning in honor of the victims of Hurricane Sandy, and instead would hold a relief the same place his Romney Rally would be...which was a major swing state that he had been campaigning hard for...which also featured a campaign video.  In addition, many of the items "donated" during the campaign were purchased by himself and then given back to the participants to...donate again.  It's cynical manipulative movements like that that I feel reveals the man's true nature.

In addition, Romney's running mate has advocated draconian cuts to many of the government programs that offer aid to the poor, the disadvantaged, and those that cannot otherwise help themselves.  My mother used to be on those programs, and the idea that others could not benefit from the program that helped get me to the place I am today makes me shudder.

Besides my disagreement with Romney and Ryan, I disagree fundamentally with the current edition of the Republican Party.  I cannot morally support a party that has repeated stated abominably nasty things about blacks, women, and rape.  The fact that rape has been the fundamental part of so many gaffes this election makes me a little bit nauseous.  What makes more nauseous still is how many of those people will go on to be elected anyway.


Obama's presidency hasn't been perfect--obviously...because he's a human being and not Jesus.  However, of the two candidates, he's the most qualified for the job, and the most likely to get things done.  He's proven himself level-headed, a competent leader, and a willing compromiser even in the toughest of political situations.

Romney is inconsistent with everything, and his choice of affiliations--with both the GOP and Paul Ryan--are troubling.  It's difficult to get a read on where he stands on issues, because where he stands on those issues depends on to whom he is talking.  His complete inability to answer even the most simple questions with a straight answer, his cynical way of attempting to manipulate his image, and his completely mysterious economic and tax policies already paint him as a poor choice as leader, and that is not taking his backwards and in many cases cruel social policies he would enact.


For information about how our national debt "problem" is not necessarily a problem, as well as a fairly in depth look at how this sort of thing works on a national scale, I encourage you to watch this video by John Green of the Vlogbrothers.

Further Addendum

I don't usually get a lot of comments, but just in case that should change with this post, note that I have my own version of the John Scalzi Mallet of Loving Correction carved from the bones of trolls long since slain.  Please, be polite to each other as well as to me, lest you face my smashy wrath.

Links to places where I pulled a lot of my information for this:,0,6396267.story