Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

Photo by:  CherryPoint
 New Year's Eve is a weird time in our culture.

You have the cynics on one side that scoff and ruffle their feathers at the concept of New Year's resolutions, often coming across like Calvin when he rails against the practice to Hobbes.  The idea that we should dedicate this day to looking back is absurd, it's just another day, yadda yadda yadda.

Then you have those people who overromanticize New Year's Eve.  They're the people who'll freak out until they have black eyed peas and cornbread to eat, who will quest for a person to kiss when the clock strikes midnight, etc., etc.

I'm neither of those people.

To me, and as I've mentioned before, New Year's Eve was always a holiday that was sort of weird. It was made out to be a big deal on TV, but it was never reallly a big deal to me. I mean, I had fun with my little mini-parties with my brother and cousin, but in college, I never went to any crazy parties.  In my adult life, as of yet, I have yet to go to any crazy gatherings. It's always been more of a night of quiet reflection.

However, there was one New Year's Eve, four years ago, that was special.

That night, I got invited to attend an all night party at the local little theater.  I had been in a production there and had made some friends, so I went along.

Once there, I hung out with my best friend from high school for a while.  Eventually, they started playing a movie for the majority of the people to watch, but my small group of friends snuck off to the lobby, set up a table, and played Cranium for hours.  In that time, there was a girl there that was super cool, super smart, and super funny.  She was crass and vulgar and hilariously irreverent.  She got herself registered online as a reverend so she could make her own holy water because the theater was supposedly haunted and "I didn't think the Catholics would just give that stuff away."

I married her about a year and a half later.

In that time, we've gone through some rough shit.  But we've stuck it out.  So, New Year's Eve is often a day where I look back and wonder how I was ever so lucky as to meet such a wonderful person.

Happy New Year, everybody.