Saturday, December 15, 2012

Newtown & Guns

I do not have the words at this point to talk about what I think.  It's too hard, too wearying at this point. I probably will at some point, but not today.  However, I will say this: in light of the number of mass shootings we've had in the US in just 2012, it is time to have a conversation about gun control laws.

Chuck Wendig, author and pro-gun man, has posted an article on Terribleminds about how he thinks that they should be handled.  I 100% agree with him.

A few relevant quotes:

"I mean, dang, if you think you’re going to march into a situation where some dude’s got a gun and he’s shooting up a college campus or a movie theater and you’re going to pull a John McClane, I might suggest you uncork your head from your ass, Rambo, because you don’t have the training for that. See, shooting people in a combat situation takes, ohh, I dunno, training. It’s not Call of Duty. That’s not an Xbox controller in your hand, that’s a deadly weapon — and, as your heart goes wild and panic punches through your nervous system, are you competent enough to take out the shooter and not, say, a little girl?"


"You might then say, “But criminals don’t need to be regulated or care about regulation,” which is another version of the “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns” saying. And that’s true. But it’s true of everything, isn’t it? Bombs are illegal, so only bombers will have bombs. Last I checked, criminals are always willing to do things we’re not — that’s why we create laws that ideally prevent and ultimately punish them for the transgression. “If we make rape illegal, only rapists will have rape! And murder, too! And they can shoplift! OUR FREEDOMS ARE ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK DAMN YOU OBAMACARE.”"

Read the rest of the very fair, very sensible approach to gun control here.  I'm turning off comments because I don't have the energy to deal with people regarding this issue yet.