Wednesday, April 10, 2013

3rd / 4th Anniversary

Today was ( my third wedding anniversary.  It's been a very happy three years.  It also, not coincidentally, is the 4th anniversary of our relationship.  We got married on our 1 year dating anniversary.

My wife and I actually on New Year's Eve, and reconnected a couple of months later.  We talked quite a lot in the following months, but we didn't begin dating until a tornado scared the shit out of both of us.  We decided not to wait after that.

Anyway, today has been very nice, and even though my wife had class this evening, we still managed to spend the evening together.  I made us our traditional meal of apple-glazed pork chops, with a side of stuffing and a kind of potatoes au gratin that we experimented with tonight.

Here's a picture of the meal for the curious.

So, yeah.  3 happy years.  Here's to many more, eh?