Monday, May 6, 2013

A Sonnet Because I Was Bored

Photo by: of Flickr
Recently, I got kind of bored.  The writing wasn't going well.  I had just finished a very difficult story, and I couldn't get my brain to come up with any new ideas.  Finally, I got frustrated and decided to write a poem. I decided I wanted to try to write a Shakespearean-ish sonnet, make it sound as epic as possible, while also writing it about the most mundane thing I could think of. Enjoy the product of my boredom on this Monday morning.

"On a Morning Jaunt to Vocation"

The brilliance is too much. It pierces through
The flimsy, fleshy shield into our minds.
We rise, stumble, stagger--we can’t construe
What villain is to blame for parted blinds.
A muttered curse, a frosty shock, to shake
The treach’rous grasp of Somnus’ iron chains.
Defiant men wield countless blades to take
The whiskers from their squalid, unkempt miens.
Forsooth, the morning’s journey disheartens.
‘Tis fraught with boorish straphangers in force,
But bear the nuisance ‘til the journey’s end,
And thou shall reap the bitter, saving source--
An inky brew of Strenua’s domain,
A single quaff of which will spur thy brain.