Thursday, June 6, 2013

Misogyny in the Law

"I am...THE LAW!"

You know how there are still people that claim that sexism is dead, that women aren't treated unfairly, that everything is NICE AND EQUAL? Well...I've seen some things lately that they may want to look at.

A South Texas man has been acquitted in the shooting death of a woman he met on Craigslist as a possible escort. 
Attorneys for Gilbert say he paid the woman $150 to have sex - then she refused, balked at returning the money and said she had to give the cash to her driver. The defense said Gilbert's actions were justified because he was trying to retrieve stolen property and the driver was part of the theft scheme.

So, this guy tries to buy a prostitute, and when she won't have sex with him, he shoots her.  That's a tragic, but probably all too common story for law enforcement.  What makes that bit particularly newsworthy is that he was ACQUITTED.  Are you fucking kidding me?  What kind of fucked up law system do you have to have to acquit someone like that?

Well...he was just defending himself.  After all, she was trying to rob him right?  It's not like if a woman were trying to fend off her attacker, she'd be sentenced to prison for it.

Last Friday, Jacksonville mother Marissa Alexander was sentenced by a Florida judge to 20 years in prison for firing what she says was a "warning shot" into the wall after a physical altercation with her husband, Rico Gray.

20 fucking years??  For what??

Now, this isn't quite a fair comparison.  The first story is in Texas, which Ron White famously said is trying to put in an "express lane" for the death penalty.  The second story takes place in Florida.  Are there any famous gun-violence cases we could look at to compare?
How, [critics, including Congresswoman Corrine Brown (D-Fla.), ask] could a 31-year-old woman in a relationship with a man who had a history of domestic violence, and whose actions did not result in any physical injury, be sentenced to two decades in prison while George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Martin, is out on bail?
You know what?  That is a good goddamned question.  It's almost like law enforcers in these states don't want uppity wiminz thinking they can go and think they're better than the men folk or something.

Jesus Christ, people.  What the hell is wrong with this picture?

Credit to Chuck Wendig and Stephen Blackmoore for the links.


  1. Yea... It's nice to know that a woman's life is worth less than $150 in the eyes of the law now. Being a woman is pretty scary stuff.

    1. This kind of stuff makes me furious. I hope the case gets appealed or something because the guy clearly deserves to spend time behind bars.


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