Friday, August 9, 2013

Confused By WTF "Male Gaze" Is?

Whenever people get to arguing about sexism, one thing that can really bring out the ballyhooing by cisgendered, straight white men about their fee-fees getting hurt is the concept of "male gaze."  They complain that male gaze is ridiculous or make excuses about why male gaze is appropriate in some situations and generally, just derail the conversation at hand.

That, or, if you're like I was when I started reading into feminism, you're just straight up confused by what male gaze is, why it might be a problem, and how you can avoid it.

Well, the fantastic Rantasmo of the Blip show Needs More Gay has a wonderful explanation.  You can check out more of Rantasmo's work on his Blip channel here, or his hosting home at Chez Apocalypse.