Friday, September 6, 2013

A Quick Friday Book Recommendation

Okay, I'm writing this up in a quick and dirty fashion because I haven't had a lot of time to crank out another blog post.  Because of that, I figure, hell, I'll recommend a book to you guys.

I recently finished reading two awesome books.  One is a bit of a "duh" in the recommendation department, and that's Stephen King's Carrie.  Again, it's Stephen King, so "duh."  I'd never read it and decided to blitz through it before the movie comes out in October--which I'm super excited about.

No surprises, it's great. It's surprisingly slim for a King book, and surprisingly stripped down.  Not like his usual fair--nor should it be, since it's his first--but there are still moments of Kingsian description and characterization.  He makes me so fucking jealous.

But the real reason I'm writing this is to recommend the other book I just finished recently:  Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects.

Sharp Objects is about small town life, about mothers and daughters, and about women's relationships with each other.  It is a grim, vicious little book, but it's also beautiful and harsh and awesome.

The main character is a broken, fucked up person, with a cynical world view and a drinking problem.  She's layered, mysterious, sarcastic, and awesome.  Similar, at times, to Chuck Wendig's Miriam Black.  I like them both.

The book manages to keep the plot unfolding at a good pace, but it also seems to take its time, really developing a feel for the town, the atmosphere, the mindset of the people and how they deal with the tragedy afflicting their little corner of the world.

I dug the hell out of this book, and totally agree with Stephen King's blurb--the last 30-50 pages had me hooked through the eyelids.  I had to see what happened next.  Once I finished the book, I was determined to go buy the next two immediately.  And you can bet your ass I will.  Payday has Flynn's name all over it.

It's gritty, it's dirty, it's harsh, and it's amazing.  Give it a read if you can.