Monday, September 30, 2013

Apparently We All Live in a Stephen King Story Now

I've been on a bit of a Stephen King kick lately.  I recently finished reading Carrie because the remake of the original movie is coming out soon, and The Shining because of the sequel to that coming out soon.

King is one of my absolute favorite authors--no joke, number one on my list, my favorite.  I could fanboy for hours about what I like about his works, but I won't--not now.  If you've been paying attention, you might also have noticed that King had a new book come out this year (well, two actually, but who's counting?) a few days ago.  Doctor Sleep, the sequel to the classic The Shining came out on September 24th.

And apparently September is the month we've all warped to a universe where King's stories are true?

About two weeks ago--on Friday, September 13th, a creepy fucking clown started wandering around England in a small(?) town called Northampton.  He doesn't do anything, per se.  He just stands there.  He often carries balloons.  He's also been known to stand around in drains and lakes.  It's fascinating.
"The Northampton Clown has announced he intends to continue making spooky appearances around town, but has promised he does not want to ‘terrorise’ people. 
In new comments this morning he has said he ‘just wanted to amuse people’. 
And added that he wanted people to ‘enjoy being a bit freaked out’."

Now, there's some cool, interesting things about this clown--like how the day he started appearing was also 27 years from the publication of Stephen King's book, which is the cycle that Pennywise from It appears.

THEN the pet cemetery at the Overlook--*ahem,* er, I mean, the Stanley hotel--is being dug up to make room for a wedding and corporate retreat pavilion.
Plans to dig up a pet cemetery at the hotel that inspired Stephen King's horror novel "The Shining" have neighbors feeling aggrieved. 
The graves at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park are to be moved to the other side of a small pond, making way for wedding and corporate retreat pavilion.

I mean...a pet cemetery...the Stanley hotel.  C'MON!

This is either the greatest series of coincidences ever, or King is an absolute genius at viral marketing.

Can we get more awesome news stories like this and fewer stories about how the Republicans are holding us all hostage while they grandstand some more?

Photo from Steve Scoles on Flickr and his Herald and Post article