Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cracked's Insight into the War on Terror

You know, people have a tendency to right off comedy's importance to society.  Comedy is often the front lines of where social change.  You get people laughing, lower their inhibitions, you're more likely to plant an idea that will cause them to think about things...maybe even change their minds.  Sure, you'll always have people who choose to use comedy to knowingly punch downward and write it off as "just a joke"...but then you have Cracked's article that came out on September 11th of this year.
Hey, guys -- I'm starting to think we overreacted to the terrorism thing. 
It hit me last year as I was standing in the naked airport scanner again, listening to the faint gasps and then applause from the monitoring booth, and realized that I wouldn't put up with that hassle to ward off the threat of, say, lightning. You know, like if scientists had figured out that you could reduce the already miniscule chance of being struck by merely standing outside and showing God your dick.
David Wong is an incredibly gifted writer.  I read and LOVED his novel John Dies at the End (and the movie version was pretty damn awesome as well).  Here he combines together the classic Cracked itemized article format into 6 insightful and and terrifyingly true observations about the state of our "post-9/11" world.

This is the part that I think might have killed part of my soul and made terrified me of the future:
Sure, it's not like some controversial comment on Twitter will get you sent to a gulag. It may merely get you a day spent in a hot interrogation room and your computer seized for a few months. Just a little reminder to watch what you say, and what you think, at all times. They don't have to throw you in prison, they just have to harass you enough that you'll remember next time. And the fire that makes us human grows just a little dimmer, and we shrug and say, What can we do? After all, it's a Post-9/11 World.
From "The 6 Weirdest Things We've Learned Since 9/11" by David Wong | Cracked.com