Thursday, September 26, 2013

Marvel, Just Take All of My Money, Eh?

photo from Marvel Comics
Great. As if I don't have to deal with enough. Gail Simone has The Movement out--along with Red Sonja, Kelly Sue Deconnick has Avengers Assemble and the absolutely fan-fucking-tastic series Captain Marvel, and now I have to deal with this money vacuum as well??!
[...]She-Hulk editor Jeanine Schaefer says that Soule has a great handle on what makes her complex and intriguing without being grim and gritty or overly wacky. "He has a real ability to get into the heads of his characters, understand what makes them tick and what kinds of decisions they'll make when they're up against it — and then has the chops to deliver the 'it' to put them up against."
If it's half as good as they make it sound, it's going to be fantastic.  I'll definitely give it a glance to see what I think.  I'm also excited by this:
The story arcs will be on the short side, one to three issues each, according to Soule, and will be very much tuned into her surrounding superhero world. There's a "huge" guest star planned for the first issue, another A-lister playing an important role in the first story line, and an over-arching narrative with several elements of the larger Marvel Universe.
I like that the arcs will be shorter.  It'll be nice to have a series that's not cross-over after event after huge sprawling story line, which is kind of what DC's comics have become.

I'm noticing that despite having started reading comics with DC, I'm very quickly becoming more of a Marvel fan.  I've started from waaaaay back on Spider-Man, but it's fantastic.  Captain Marvel is amazing.  Avengers Assemble is fantabulous.  And Wolverine and the X-Men has been a ton of fun so far.  I mean, Marvel is cleaning up.  Meanwhile, DC has been fucking up left and right.  They had Harley Quinn commiting suicide in various ways be the contest images to earn a spot at the company...during suicide prevention week.  They have been cancelling their most innovative books left and right--or forcing their best writers out through too many last-minute editorial mandates.  In Wonder Woman reboot, which I've actually be fine with up until now, the Amazons are now rapists that sell their unwanted children into slavery...seriously...  No, I mean, like, for real, y'all.  What the fuck are you doing over there, DC?

Meanwhile, the most controversial thing at Marvel that I've seen is killing off Spider-Man and having Doc Ock take his place...but you guys know that's not going to be permanent, right?  Like, Peter Parker has been around since the 60's.  He'll be back.  Superior Spider-Man is just a temporary experiment--and a cool sounding one at that.

So, yeah.  Count me in for checking out She-Hulk.  Sounds awesome.

Quotes from She-Hulk's back with her own solo series in February | USA Today