Friday, September 20, 2013

NSA Pretends to be Google, Spies on Users

America has a proud anti-establishment streak.  Some take those ideals further than others.  It seems like every few days that the conservative Fox News is blasting the government for something that they were perfectly a-okay with just a few years ago without even blinking at the hypocrisy.

1984 has been thrown around so much to talk about corrupt governments that George Orwell's family should get a royalty for every comparison made.  Every time the government tries to accomplish even the most basic of tasks, certain people start channeling Orwell's poltergeist so he can reek havoc on our corrupted officials.

People would rather have potholes so big falling into them would drop you out at China than the government have even the smallest fraction of power.  I, for one, have defended the government's choices on a lot of things.  There are some things that a centralized ruling body can accomplish better than the milling mass of contradictions that is the American General Public.

Well, fire up the ol' ouiji board, friends, because the NSA is pretending to be Google to spy on you.
Buried in a Brazilian television report on Sunday was the disclosure that the NSA has impersonated Google and possibly other major internet sites in order to intercept, store, and read supposedly secure online communications. The spy agency accomplishes this using what's known as a "man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack," a fairly well-known exploit used by elite hackers. This revelation adds to the growing list of ways that the NSA is believed to snoop on ostensibly private online conversations.
From Report: NSA Mimics Google to Monitor "Target" Web Users |