Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Captain Marvel Goes "Higher" While I Stoop to Employing Cheap Puns for Blog Post Titles

I love Kelly Sue Deconnick's Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers is one hell of a supehero, and the current run of Captain Marvel titles is one of the things that I look forward to most when buying comics. The comic balances serious issues well with a light-hearted snarkiness at home with a Joss Whedon script.  It's fantastic. I bought the first two volumes and bought all the back issues to catch up with what's going on in the current run. I read the crossover with one of the Avengers titles. And I freaked when the newest issues of Captain Marvel was delayed.

See, while Captain Marvel is an amazing story...I've never been thrilled with the art. Below is the art featured on the covers:

If that were the art that was featured inside the book, I wouldn't be complaining. However, the first few issues featured art that was, in my opinion, way too dark for such a light hearted book.  It might not have been out of place with a more serious title, like earlier Daredevil or something. However, not for a comic in which Carol constantly trades quips with Spider-Man, Captain America, and Spiderwoman.

I don't know who to blame. The actual art is fine, but the coloring, and inking--again, in my opinion--are too dark.

The art got better--although it was a SIGNIFICANT shift...I didn't mind it because it was lighter in tone and fit the humor much better than the overly dark painted style of the previous art.

The style was cartoonier, but not so much that it annoyed me. Like I said, it was a jarring shift, but not a horrible style when you got used to it--the art was energetic and beautiful, with bright, vibrant colors, and  it was a much better match for the tone.

Then the art switched again during the Enemy Within storyline.

This was not a change for the better. I wasn't thrilled with this jerkier art style. The colors lost their vibrancy, and the penciling made the characters look goofy. There was one panel in one of my books where a distant shot had Carol's foot drawn to be about the size of her torso.

Switching to the Avengers titles in the Enemy Within storyline were a much appreciated change because even though the art wasn't my favorite style, it was proportional, colorful, and I was able to follow what went on without getting distracted by weird facial expressions or goofy proportions.

When Captain Marvel got postponed, I was worried. Lots of people speculated that the inconsistant art kept it from getting picked up regularly, and the low sales number meant they might cancel it, or reboot it with a new title to try to get a boost in sales.

Fortunately, and unfortunately, that appears to be true. They've relaunched Carol's Captain Marvel with a new title, Higher, and a new number one issue. This has me worried because of the sales don't improve, I might lose my favorite comic on the shelves right now, art notwithstanding. However, the new artist? Is a badass.

Check out David Lopez's art from New Mutants #34:

Look at the proportional characters, the clean lines, the bright colors. This is the kind of art style that is going to serve Carol Danvers very well. I really hope this does well. Consider buying it in March when it comes out, yeah? We need more female solo titles, and Captain Marvel is one to back.

Oh, yeah, here's the promo image from NYCC. Holy shit: