Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Obamacare is Good. Here's Why.

John Green gives a fantastic breakdown of the American Healthcare system as it exists now. A lot of the stuff that John Green mentions being a problem are also at least partially addressed in Obamacare.  Again, Obamacare ain't perfect, but my God is it a needed first step.

Fuck you, Congress. Fuck you.

And Joe Hill brings up a very good point about why the individual mandate is important:
Some people worry if they don’t get insurance, they will go to jail. This is a falsehood. However, in 2014, if you do not have health insurance, you have to get some, or pay a fee. And you say: but why do I need health insurance?? I’m not sick and I don’t need medical care! But if you get hit by a drunk driver, you will need care. Or if you slip on the ice. Or if you’re diagnosed with a malignant tumor. Everyone is in the health care market… ill health is an inevitable part of the human existence.

This isn't forcing you into Obamacare.  This is saying have health insurance OF SOME KIND before January. I mean...c'mon.  Countless studies have shown that people just dropping into the emergency room is SO MUCH WORSE than a government funded health system would be.

Tobias Buckell actually points out that we've had socialized health care since the 80's.
So stopping the government, all the fits thrown this week, all this misery and the high, high cost of this shutdown to the economy, will come merely because Republicans refused to pay for a mandate their party created in 1986. (also, if you’re a Republican or Tea Party and not campaigning against EMTALA, I don’t take you seriously if you say you’re fighting socialized medicine, because you’re not, you’re just fighting to not have to pay for it).