Friday, October 11, 2013

Trying New Things

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They say that in order to really live life, you need to try new things.  That's what my wife and I decided to do recently.

It was Saturday evening.  We'd spent the whole day shopping and doing various errands and things.  Finally, we got back home, and decided we were waaaay too tired to try to cook.  We headed out, no plan on where we were going to stop.  My wife wanted Thai food or Chinese food, but both of those places were all the way across town from where we were and I didn't want to drive all that way.

We drove around for a little bit.  When we pulled up to a stop light, I noticed that where there was once a little Mexican restaurant (Arkansas is lousy with them), there was a new restaurant called "Khan's Grill."  I had no idea what it was supposed to be.  There was a chili pepper in the sign that made me think "Mexican restaurant," but the name made me think about Genghis Grill--a stir-fry restaurant we really like.

On a whim, we decided to pull in.

We milled around outside the restaurant, unsure of what the place served, whether we wanted to go in, and how expensive it might be.  Finally deciding to bite the bullet, we went in.  It was a tiny place, but even still it was empty.  One other table, an Indian family, sat off to the side.  Our waiter greeted us cheerfully, told us to sit wherever we liked.  We got some suggestions from him, then dug right in.

Holy God was the food good.

The menu said the food was "Middle Eastern," which is sort of a vague description.  It's like saying "Asian" food.  Just the same, it was fantastic.  It appears to be a blend of several cultures foods run by a nice Middle Eastern family.  The cook (father?) came out and apologized to my wife.  Whatever she ordered, they had already cooked all of the special kind of chicken it required.  He offered her a combination of a couple different kinds of kabobs.

The food was spectacular, and the owner/cook came out and visited with us a little bit after our meal.  The whole family was really sweet, incredibly helpful, and--as I've already mentioned--the food was incredible.

I hope that this restaurant does well, because not only do they deserve it for being so sweet, but also because it offers a unique, delicious style of food to an area that has a ton of Mexican restaurants and chain "American" food places.

This could just as easily been a bust, but I'm really glad that we went out of our way to try something new.  It worked out well, and it gave us a story to tell.


  1. awesome. the only middle eastern and mediterranean restaurants i know of are all in fayetteville. i'll have to keep this place in mind next time we go out.

    1. There won't be a wait. Every time we've driven by, the parking lot has been empty. But the dude in the kitchen was more than happy to help in any way possible. They were super friendly.


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