Monday, November 11, 2013

I Bought a Suit

Photo from Flickr user SUPERADRIANME
Technically, I've owned one suit before. And I still own it. However, it is getting a bit old and slightly shabby looking, and I've lost a bit of weight since I last had to wear it. So, over the weekend, the wife and I went suit shopping.

It's interesting. Suits are sort of, to me, a clothing style so completely removed from the type of life that I have lead up to this point, the very fact that I was looking at them was blowing my mind in a "how have I ended up at this point in my life" kind of way.  Not a bad kind of way. Just interesting.

The suit, by the way, is for an upcoming wedding. Where I grew up, nobody I knew ever wore suits. Everybody that I knew that got married, even my mom and dad's friends, wore button up shirts and slacks--MAYBE--or possibly jeans and cowboy boots. A suit is something else entirely.

I'm noticing myself getting placed more and more into these types of situations. About a month ago or so, my wife and I went to our first "grown up" party. It was a dinner for the same wedding that I'll be attending this weekend. There were people in polos and button up shirts with well styled hair drinking Italian beers and many bottles of wine. The entire back deck (they had a deck!) had been decorated to look like an Italian restaurant. The back deck overlooked an expansive, wooded property. All I could think as I sipped my beer and stared into those dark woods was how this was the type of situation that began many a horror movie--rich, white folks gathering for a fancy dinner. Having just seen You're Next, the wife and I spent most of the evening joking about when we thought the killers would make their first strike.

The dinner wasn't horrible. It was, however, incredibly uncomfortable. When a good portion of your day-to-day life is Doctor Who and science-fiction novels, you don't have a lot of common ground with people of the upper crust.

So, now I'm looking for a tailor to help fit my new suit, and to help fit and mend my old suit.

I have only 2 friends left that do not have babies. All of my other friends, those I frequently talk to, and those that I haven't spoken to since high school, have at least 1 child. I have 2 childless friends and my brother. That's it.

Sometimes, when I sit back and examine my life for a moment rather than racing from one thing to the next, I find myself wondering: How do you grown up?

(I didn't buy a suit from the pictured business above. I just chose a picture filed under "creative commons" that I could use for my blog.)

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