Friday, December 13, 2013

Snowpacalypse 2013!!!

Well, how about this weather, eh? Apparently the entire United States was blindsided by a winter storm of epic proportions.

The wife and I are only just now getting back to normal life. We were snowed into our house for around four days. When the streets were cleared, we had to contend with the massive amount of snow pushed into our driveway by the street plows.

It's funny, the snow and ice didn't last that terribly long. Mostly, it was waiting for the roads to thaw. The surrounding cities didn't plow as the stuff was falling, so ice fell, then snow on top of it, and it took close to a solid week for the stuff to melt off enough--with constant grating, sanding, and salting--for everyone to be able to leave their homes and do things. It got so bad that Arkansas's Department of Transportation was holding meetings with Missouri's to see what they were doing differently.  When you drove to the Arkansas/Missouri border, it was a solid sheet of ice and then BOOM clear.

Below is a picture of our backyard that I took when the ice started to fall. That's not snow you're seeing. It's sleet and freezing rain with maaaybe just a touch of snow mixed in.

Next you'll, of course, see the picture of the backyard when the ice had stopped and the snow had started falling and really building up. It actually got a bit deeper. We had probably a foot of snow in some places despite the TV under reporting it as only 6 inches. My grill looks very unhappy to be there.

And finally, a picture of my dog in his sweater in the snow. We had his doggy door open for a while and when my wife and I went out to play in the snow, he came running out to check on us when we fell. I snapped a picture before he scampered back inside. He was not thrilled with the cold, but he seemed to do okay. I think he enjoyed jumping over the piles, even if it was colder than his preference.

Also, apparently my dog will go outside and piss with snow up above his goddamned head, but even the slightest hint of rain and he'll hold his urine until he bursts like a water balloon at a pool party.

My family got mostly ice. They actually went without power for a while--and it's been flickering on and off ever since. So, what was the weather like in your neck of the woods? Did you get much snow? Or do you live in Florida and have no idea what this strange marshmallow-like substance covering my yard could be?