Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sacrifice a Goat to Tecthulhu for Me

Last week I slipped on ice and hurt myself at work, and spent a couple of days out of commision while my back slowly worked its way out of knots (thanks in part to the strange combination of potions and rituals prescribed by the local apothecary). Therefore, this week has been "OH GOD WHERE DID ALL OF THIS STUFF COME FROM?! RUN!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!"

On top of being swamped at work this week, our internet has decided to try to shit the bed. It's been very spotty for almost 2 months. We called our provider and got some tips. We bought a new modem, that came with all new stuff, and its acting the same. So now we have someone coming out this weekend to take a look. It's getting progressively (and impressively) worse with each day. Where before internet would cut out every 10 or 15 minutes for maybe 10 seconds or so, now we'll have hours where the internet will be out, punctuated with brief moments where the internet will flicker alive, then fizzle out again.

I am writing this during one of those glorious moments where it appears to be functioning mostly properly.

As if that weren't annoying enough, Janetter, the Twitter client that I use on my Android phone, has stopped working. I have a suspicion this has to do with Twitters shift in coding. Apps were supposed to update to HTTPS or stop functioning and TA DA mine did. Which means I've been forced to download and use the Twitter app--and it's horrible! It lacks a lot of the features that I loved about Janetter, and it's slow and clunky to boot.

We have plans with some friends this weekend. Thank God for that, or I might lose it.

I was on a role of writing everyday this month, until the weekend. I couldn't write Sunday, nor Monday, and that broke my streak. I've tried making up for it by writing (well...plotting) extra yesterday and today, but it's frustrating that I missed those two days. Part of it was my fault--poor planning on my part--and part of it was unavoidable stuff that came up. But frustrating nonetheless.

So, the writing for 2014 is 13 days total, with a writing streak of 2 days.