Monday, June 30, 2014

Community Season 6!

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Community, the NBC sitcom about a bunch of people and their misadventures at Greendale Community College, has had a rocky lifetime. Each season, people were sure it would be the last.

After the (admittedly not-very-good) season 3, NBC cancelled Community...then brought it back but replaced show creator Dan Harmon with some other dudes. The result was a season that had occasional moments that would touch on the quality of the other seasons, but often felt slightly off, like reasonable quality fan-fiction, but still not the real thing.

Season 5 resulted in Donald Glover leaving (sadly), but bringing on John Oliver back in a more consistent role, and Mike from Breaking Bad--basically playing Mike, from Breaking Bad--comes on as a teacher. And season 5 is great. It's a bit of a reboot...sorta...kinda...but it's brilliant, and really echoes back to the first season.


Through some sort of bizarre legal and magical mumbo jumbo, Yahoo--y'know, that company that you used for e-mail after you left Hotmail but only until GMail came along?--has ordered a sixth season of 13 episodes. Through some seemingly Netflix-like service called Yahoo Screen? Apparently that's a thing?



Seriously. This is great news. I don't want to examine the black magic that Harmon must have done to create this deal too closely because I'm afraid staring into the eye of the Elder Gods that Harmon made a pact with to do his bidding would devour my soul and eradicate my higher brain functions.

So. Yeah. Exciting. Coolcoolcool.

I guess everyone didn't die in a catastrophic meteor crash after all.