Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Women Have Always Fought

Cover image from Kameron Hurley.
Do you like essays that buck traditions, fight the power, and are just generally bad ass? Do you like creative metaphors that challenge your experiences and explain things to you that you may have never considered before in an interesting and provocative way?

You will love Kameron Hurley's essay "We Have Always Fought."

BUT if you're also to lazy to run your eyeballs across the words, then she has you covered there, too. She will READ IT TO YOU because she is such a kind and generous person.

Just head on over to Podcastle and give it a listen. You'll be glad you did.

And if you love her essay and think, Gosh, that was great. I really wish I could have that essay and perhaps more of her musings collected into a book-like structure...well, she has you covered there, too, as you can both read her new book of essays for FREE (until August 17th), OR, if you feel so obliged, you can toss her a few dollars and help one of the most interesting daring fantasy writers out there. know...get to it!