Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Female Ghostbusters Reboot

Since everything has been basically terrible lately, let's talk about things not terrible. There's a rumor going around that Paul Feige is considering remaking Ghostbusters, but with an all-female cast.

What do I think of that?

In a word?


Ghostbusters 3 was an idea that had potential. Sequels, when not done well, can suck, but they're often better than reboots/remakes. While occasionally remakes can be good and interesting, often they either come across absolutely awful, or extremely dull.

Bob Chipman went on a bit of a rant on Twitter a while back about movies and stories. He argued that movies and stories told are reactions to the current political and sociological climate. That's why remakes don't quite feel the same, even if they're halfway decent: if the idea can't be or isn't adapted to match the new, current climate, it feels out of touch, the outdated message mismatched with the slick new visuals.

Or to put it another way, to borrow from Matt Wallace's comments on Twitter about Mad Max:

"If you're going to do more [Ghostbusters] take it further make it different or don't do it."

While a straight remake of Ghostbusters would be a terrible idea, remaking Ghostbusters around an all-female cast is fresh, interesting. There are stories and ideas that can be mixed into the story around the ghosts that the dudes didn't have to deal with. If you made a straight remake of Ghostbusters, what would four new guys bring to the table that the original didn't already have? Nothing. But like The Heat (another Paul Feige all-female action-comedy) showed, taking a premise that's normally two dudes and swapping them out for women can lead to interesting and hilarious results.

Or take Feige's Bridesmaids. That was essentially The Hangover, but done in such an interesting and clever way.

The Heat shows Feige knows how to do action. Bridesmaids shows Feige can do large casts and keep them distinct, likable, and interesting.

And can you imagine Melissa McCarthy as a Ghostbuster? Sweet Christ, if you've ever seen the outtakes of any movie she's ever been in, you know most of the shit she says is improvved, of the cuff comments, similar to Bill Murray. This movie, if it gets made, could be amazing.