Friday, August 15, 2014

Sony's Female Superhero Movie

Marvel: Spider-Girl  # 100
According to Deadline and The Outhouse, Sony has hired someone to write the first female superheroine movie. I'm pretty sure, unless someone else manages to beat them to the punch, that this will be the first female-led superhero movie since Elektra.

It's about goddamned time somebody got around to it.

I mean, you didn't think I'd scoff at this, did you? People have been clamoring for basically any female superhero movie since Avengers when Black Widow knocked everyone on their asses. And we still got a movie about a goddamned talking raccoon and an Ent before we got a female-led superhero movie.

Yes, yes, I know that's not an original insight. But it's truthful.

But SONY has finally done it. They've confirmed that they're taking the plunge, making them the first major studio to announce that they're doing so.

It's interesting that it's Sony that got there first. I'd prefer if they weren't the first to get a movie actually out to the public. I'd like Marvel Studios to get one out there first, so we can see a really damned good one. Did I mention that that movie with the talking raccoon was probably my favorite Marvel movie so far? Yeah. It was light, and joy, and humor, and basically everything awesome about movies. Now imagine a lady-led movie like that. YES, PLEASE!

Sony's Spider-Man franchise has been decent, but not great. They keep stumbling and just falling a little short. Entertaining, but not even close to the plain that Disney has been operating on.

Which is why I'm both excited and nervous about this new superheroine movie.

The really interesting thing will be who they decide to actually make it about. The most obvious one is Black Cat, but she's not really that interesting, and I can see that just becoming another Catwoman fiasco. Silver Sable is a prominent Spider-Man character, but besides comic nerds, who the fuck knows who Silver Sable is? I mean, sure, who the fuck knows who Groot is, true, but that's Disney. This is Sony, whose track record has been a little less sparkling.

I'd love to see a Spider-Girl movie, but since Peter isn't even close to old enough to have a daughter, it'd have to be some other shenanigans pulled.

I've seen some people suggest Spider Woman, but her origins are actually totally unrelated to Peter Parkers, and while they have interacted occasionally in the past, that's mostly because Peter Parker is on the Avengers in the comics. As far as I know, she's mostly an Avengers character, which means she'd be more likely to show up in one of the Disney films, rather than the Sony films.

There is a new character that's basically supposed to be Peter Parker, but a female coming up in the comics soon, so maybe they'd do one about here, but that doesn't seem likely, as usually movies are made about heroes that at least have a bit of a history in comics. They don't usually just snatch up n00bs, y'know?

Anyway, I'm all in favor of this idea, but I'm curious how well Sony will be able to pull it off, given their shaky-at-best handling of the Spider franchise so far. But I'd love to be proven wrong.