Monday, August 11, 2014

Wonder Woman Costume Reveal

Well, I said in my last post that I'd talk about Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman costume in more detail, and here it is.

First reactions: my God I love it so much. I seriously spent the entire rest of the day beaming after seeing that outfit. My family was only very mildly interested when this was announced, and I kept bringing it back up because SERIOUSLY WONDER WOMAN ON THE BIG SCREEN HOLY CRAP!!!!

But let's get into more specific thoughts.

1) The design is very good. The eagle-slash-W is there. The tiara is there. The coloring is similar(ish) to the coloring of the comics. And it's not ridiculously skimpy. I mean, it's not exactly the full-body suit the guys are wearing, but it isn't half as bad as I expected.

2) I think the battle skirt is a great compromise between the swimsuit she wears in the comics, the skirt she was originally designed with, and the pants that she only briefly wore in the comics. The pants never quite looked right to a lot of people, a regular skirt would have looked ridiculous, and the swimsuit would have been just...just frickin' stupid. But a battle skirt a la Xena: Warrior Princess? Hell yes! My only critique there is that the skirt is still pretty short.

3) There should be more color. I think it looks pretty brown, but when compared to the other suits, you can tell the color is supposed to be red and blue, it's just very washed out, dark colors. Compare it to the red in Superman's S on his suit and you can see that it is supposed to be red. I think that's less of a critique of her costume, though, and more a critique of the overall look of the films, which is: too bleak, guys, c'mon!

4) Some people have complained that seeing Wonder Woman with a sword is wrong because she's a beacon of justice and peace and the Amazons were all about peace and blah-blah-blah please see the above image from the most recent comics and kindless stop with your silliness. I get that you hopes he's not just a mindless sociopath, but she definitely needs to be introduced to us with an action-y look because we already know what Superman and Batman are capable of and she's going to need to stand toe-to-toe with them.

5) Some people were complaining about Gal Gadot's size back when she was cast. She's a pretty petite woman and everyone got all pissy because "Wonder Woman's not the right size, she needs to be bigger."

Now, what I'm pretty sure 90% of those comments were directed towards were her boob size, because Wonder Woman is supposed to be busty. Because they can't possibly be aimed at her physical size. While some versions of Wonder Woman have depicted her as bigger and fuller figured--again, see the comics above as examples--she's also been drawn more petit. See: Wonder Woman from the Justice League cartoon, where Batman and Superman waaaay dwarfed her in size, but she still kicked as right next to them.

Also, Diana is a princess of a race of ancient Greek warrior women who was also either created from clay for Queen Hippolyta or the decedent of Zeus depending on which continuity you're reading. Either way, do you really think you wouldn't buy that she could knock the fuck out of someone skinny or big? Really? Did you have a hard time buying Hercules stength in the Disney cartoon? No? Then I think you should reexamine where your complaints are coming from.

And one last note on this: I can understand wanting to see fuller figured women on screen. One thing I love about the Azzarello run of Wonder Woman is Cliff Chiang's art with Wonder Woman as broad shouldered, wide-hipped, and stout as a tree trunk. This is a critique I can understand and agree with. But I don't think this is where most people are coming from. They just want all actresses to have Scarlett Johanssen's build.

6) The heels are dumb, but, again, she's a near-immortal being either created by the gods or decended from them, I can buy her fighting in heels. Do they serve any functional purpose. No. They're just there to make her legs look sexy, and that's definitely squicky, but given Hollywood's run with female superheroes, I'd say we were lucky we didn't end up with a Halle Berry's Catwoman look--especially considering Wonder Woman's kinky origins.

Bottom line: yes. This is a whole bag of yes. I'm all for this. I'm not really excited to see Superman and Batman fight. I mean, would it be neat? I guess. But I can watch the cartoon they recently did to see that. Plus, I remember Superman's fight with Zod at the end of Man of Steel, and if that movie is any indication of what this one will be like, I'm going to be bored, annoyed, and have a slight headache by the end. But I will ignore all of that to see Wonder Woman kick one bad guys ass on screen. Her and Aquaman are the only reasons I give a crap about this movie. But that said: well done, Snyder. You definitely won SDCC with that pic.