Friday, September 26, 2014

Things Other People Did by My Age

Via Wikipedia
I stumbled on this page on Kameron Hurley's blog where she listed things people did by her age (at the time--27). I got curious, so I clicked through and checked on my own.

So what have other people done by 25?
The future mythologist Joseph Campbell decided to move to Woodstock to read the classics for five years, nine hours a day. Living on very little, he would make himself readily available as a dinner guest. 
Orson Welles coscripted, directed, and starred in Citizen Kane. 
By this age, Charles Chaplin had appeared in 35 films. 
P. T. Barnum bought a "160-year-old" slave woman and began a career in show business.
Janis Joplin made her first recording, "Cheap Thrills," which grossed over a million dollars within a few months.  
Chris Burden created "Painting Shoot," which involved the artist being shot in the left arm by a friend. 
Charles Lindbergh became the first person to fly alone across the Atlantic, thus winning a $25,000 prize. 
Fayette, N.Y. farmhand Joseph Smith founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He claimed he translated the Book of Mormon from some golden tablets revealed to him by the angel Moroni. 
Bavarian painter Aloys Senefelder invented the lithograph. 
French engineer Benoit Fourneyron invented the first waterwheel turbine. 
Sarah Bernhardt scored her first triumph, being asked to repeat her theatrical performance before Napoleon III. 
Activist Mollie Steimer became the first person to be deported from both the United States and the Soviet Union. 
Physician Roger Bannister broke the four minute mile. As he collapsed unconscious into the arms of his trainer, the loudspeaker announced, "The time was three..." The uproar of the fans drowned out the rest of the announcement.
 Wow. I have been fucking lazy. I need to buckle down and get cracking on things.

Maybe after this next episode of House?