Friday, January 23, 2015

The Marvel Reboot

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Of the Big Two, Marvel is my preferred house. On the whole, they are by far the most entertaining when it comes to superhero books, with the most diversity and representation in solo books, and with the best movies. Plus they have my favorite superheros: Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Spider-Man. Good God, y'all. They've got such GREAT books.
And it appears they're rebooting their universe for the first time in 60-ish years. This is monumental, because so far EVERYTHING that has happened (more or less) has been in continuity. Every bad story choice. Every sexist depiction. Captain Marvel being raped by her own space/time bending son/lover? Yeah, that's still in continuity. Spider-Man sacrificing his marriage by making a deal with the devil to save his elderly aunt from a goddamned gunshot wound? Still in continuity.

DC reboots their universe every few years or so--in fact, they're doing it again, sort of, this year I believe. But Marvel has never really felt the need to, probably because they don't really have many prominent alternate universes like DC does with their Earth 2 stuff. I'm a relative comics n00b, so if I'm wrong about that, oopsie. However, I'm aware of the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, I'm aware of Earth 2, and because DC seems to be the house where creativity goes to die (mostly), they just keep bringing back the same ideas over and over again.

This Marvel reboot could work to simplify and smooth over the extremely complex Marvel Universe, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I'm a little worried that this is all just to shove the comics to line up with the Marvel movies, but even there...there's some choices they made in the movies that I think are honestly superior to the comics.

BUT we've got some worries here for me. Ms. Marvel? Captain Marvel? Storm? These are books that I love. I desperately want them to continue in basically the same format after this big reboot. Don't fuck this up, guys.

And what about Spider-Gwen? And Silk? Surely they won't cancel those already, right?

Some other worrisome things?

They've only just changed Captain America black and Thor to a lady. Most of us comics fans knew these changes were temporary, but I read a compelling argument online for keeping these changes, and I agree. Even if Cap isn't Sam Wilson, what if Steve Rogers was? Think how interesting his WWII backstory could be if you added race to the mix?

The article that I read worried that the reboot would serve to revert most Marvel characters back to WASPs, and, yeah, I gotta say, I'm worried about that, too.

This reboot has the potential to be absolutely awesome. Cutting out some of the fat from the years of backstory could provide an easier jumping on point for new fans, could maybe result in some great solo titles, and could hopefully result in significantly fewer crossovers and events. Keep that shit down to every two years or so, eh guys? 'Cause I've not been reading long, and I'm already tired of that shit.

This reboot also has the potential to be a bungled, squirming shit mess like DCs new 52, which featured some great titles getting lost in the deluge resulting from DCs weird fetish with the number 52. Amethyst being cancelled was a goddamned shame, as was the handling of Static Shock.

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed because Marvel has been taking steps to make their publishing house more interesting and awesome, and I would love it if that continued. So hopefully they don't sit on their own balls is what I'm saying.