Friday, July 24, 2015

Yet Another Shooting in the US
Oh look. Another one.

It's a frustrating and repulsive reality that, when discussing shootings with my friends, we often have to ask each other "which one?" for clarification. That's fucked up. But that's the reality we live in.

There's this fucked up cycle in the US. Every shooting follows the same pattern. Everyone is always outraged at the shooting. Then when someone tries to talk about introducing new gun laws or revamping our old ones, someone else gets pissed off that "responsible gun owners" are getting punished. Someone else throws out mental illness like a shiny ball to distract from the gun issue for a while. Eventually all the in-fighting peters out, we go back to our lives of talking about Ariana Grande licking a goddamned donut, and then another shooting happens and the same bullshit loops on into infinity.

Other first world countries don't have this problem. But we refuse to see that.

We love to cast judgement on other countries for their radical, violent offenders, but we refuse to see the same problems in our own country.

We have a gun culture problem. And yet, I can't help feeling pessimistic about the whole ordeal. Not just heartbroken that yet more people have died. Heartbroken that more people have died and we refused to do ANYTHING to stop it. Again. But after 20 children are murdered while they're at school, what hope do I have that any other new shooting is going to change it? When 20 kids children die and nothing changes, what other atrocity can happen that could possibly push the needle any further? At this point, each shooting is just one more statistic to add to the column.

I'm sorry if I'm coming across negative and pissing in your Cheerios. I'm just so tired of having the same conversations and watching the same things happen.
I have no desire to debate anybody this time. If you suddenly get a rageboner about my pissing on your gun rights, go wank it somewhere else, okay? I'm out of spoons for this one.