Thursday, April 28, 2016

Our New Guests for the Spring

As you might recall, we sold our house back in January and moved into an apartment. This apartment is nice, and there are some great things about it: how close it is to work for my wife and myself, the cheap rent, its proximity to restaurants, theaters, and the mall, and of course, the wild life.

We have a nice big pond in front of my building of the apartment complex. The spring and warmer weather brought a massive flock of geese to join the little duckies in the pond. (Who likes them? I do, I do, I do. A-chicka-quack-quack.)

One goose started hanging out next to a tree on the other side of the fence right in front of my apartment. It wasn't long before we realized she was roosting--is that appropriate for a goose?

That was about a month ago. Now, we have new guests just in time for the more summery weather.

Say hello to our "fuzz butts."