Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dark Times Ahead

I'm gonna level with you, folks. I will not be a fun individual to be around for at least the next 4 years. Things are going to get bad and dark really fast. My best hope is that we have an incompetent bumblefuck of a president that just embarrasses us internationally and domestically.

There's also the incredibly dark scenario where he becomes a rubber stamp for every bad idea the Republicans have and there is virtually no way to stop them. And he'll stack the Supreme Court so wholly in one direction that we'll be dealing with the constitutional turmoil for very likely the rest of my goddamned life.

The worst case scenario--and it's looking more likely with every passing day--is that Trump will actually make a move to take over this country. He's an idiot, but he knows how to exploit things for his own benefit. He's stacking his staff with family and literal nazis, already talking about creating a database that Muslims need to register in (which...uh...Hitler did, too), denying the presidential salary (also a Hitler move), and did I mention that actual white supremacist? Not to mention, in spite of his family also running his business, he wants to wiggle his way around anti-nepotism laws, he's has an horrifyingly close relationship with dictator Putin, and did I mention the white supremacist nazi that's his Chief Strategist.

Like, we are for such dark times. I see people saying they're gonna get out and rock the vote and get congress to flip in 2018 to at least mitigate the damage, and I'm impressed with their optimism--I'm not 100% convinced that we will actually have midterm elections.

At this point, I'd be positively giddy at a President Romney.